Travel insurance VS International Health Insurance

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Travel insurance is often mistaken for international health insurance, but they differ in very significant ways. For example, expats living in Asia, health insurance does not necessarily cover you when you are traveling back home for a short trip. It is therefore important to know the difference in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is mostly applicable for short domestic or trips abroad or over a pre-determined period of time. Usually a travel insurance only covers you for 90 consecutive days maximum. However, some companies like MSH China have different solutions that can cover you on an annual basis if the maximum length of each insured trip is less than 30 days. If you don’t choose an annual plan, each journey maximum duration shall be less than 183 days.

What does Travel Insurance cover?

Travel insurance is designed to cover unexpected events before your departure and once you're abroad. It's usually triggered by the cancellation of a trip prior the departure due to medical emergency (hospitalizations, etc.), repatriation, and luggage theft as well as if any third-party liability is incurred.

MSH China propose services and solutions that can cover:

-  24h worldwide emergency travel and medical assistance 

-  Travel inconvenience such as travel delay

-  Personal effects coverage: bank card fraudulent charges, phone, luggage.

-  Travel emergency assistance: evacuation, repatriation etc.

-  Personal accident and medical protection

-  Personal liability

What is International Health Insurance ?

International Health Insurance is designed to cover long-term trips abroad and/or expatriation. Some companies may propose you plans with 30 days waiting period (before your International Health Insurance is effective) minimum while some other plans don’t require such delay.

What does International Health Insurance cover?

International Health Insurance plan reimburses your healthcare expenses abroad almost at the same level as you are accustomed to in your home country. Sums assured are usually way higher than a travel insurance (millions of dollars) as well as offering an extended coverage. Unlike travel insurance, which only provides a limited coverage to unexpected events and emergency, International Health Insurance covers medical visits, hospitalizations and medication and can include medical assistance/repatriation, death & disability and/or third-party liability as well. Some other benefits can be added such as maternity, vision, dental and wellness. The International Health Insurance plan was designed by MSH China together with the local insurance companies in order to offer the best different options of geographic coverage (from Mainland China to Worldwide).

About MSH China

Founded in 2001, MSH China is a French international company specialized in high-end insurance services for corporate and individual clients. Our multicultural International department is dedicated to serve foreigners living in Asia. Leader in China, our reputation has been made from our efficient customer service and call center, a large hospital network and a cost sensitive approach. 


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