Accident in Cambodia

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The following is an account from an MSH Member:

People should be well prepared and have insurance, instead of wishing they had it when an accident happens.

On Oct 24th, if I remember correctly, I had just have dinner with friends and I was going home but woke up in the hospital because somebody crashed into me and I was knocked unconscious right away.
When I woke up I was in a lot of pain but could not remember what happened.
Fortunately, the insurance I had arranged for me to have initial treatments and diagnostics at the Royal Rattanak,Hospital which is the best in Cambodia, after which, I was transported to Bangkok international hospital where I would undergo surgery on my hands and face.

After my surgery, I was visited by members of MSH CHINA team to see how I was doing and provide me with contact information in case I had any concerns or needs. During my experience I had numerous phone conversations with people from MSH CHINA to set up appointments for a range of treatments. It’s been very easy to access and talk to MSH CHINA to understand and use healthcare in this part of Asia. Everything was taken care for me by MSH CHINA, including airplane tickets for myself and my fiancé and they covered the costs of the hotels too!

If I knew somebody that was looking to get insurance, especially when coming to a country that they’re not familiar with, maybe like Cambodia, I would recommend MSH CHINA.

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