Medical Case Sharing

Heart to “Heart” | We must win in the relay race against the Death!

It’s significant for every MSHer to make effort and contribution to save value of life at the most extent.

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MSH Case丨Pain in the Throat, Gastroscopy Brings the Answer

One of our MSH CHINA high-end health insurance clients, who has been working in show business for many years

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Dual-targeted drug therapy for cancer Our promise for your health

She is 50 years old and it has been many years for her to be protected high-end medical insurance services provided by MSH CHINA.

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MSH Case | A Knee Joint Surgery for a Sport Doer

He is a 30+ years old foreign teacher working in the international school. Keeping exercising and a healthy diet give him few chances to “enjoy” the benefit of high-end health insurance of MSH CHINA purchased by the school.

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Staying Thoughtful, Staying Professional

One of MSH CHINA’s clients, who is a foreign teacher working in the international school, underwent the umbilical hernia surgery in a private hospital last autumn, but suffered from relapse at the beginning of this year.

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[Oversea Treatment Case]Crossing the ocean, MSH is your considerate guardian

Recently, MSH has arranged one of our clients to go to Japan for medical treatment. After back to China, her family wrote a long article to share every detail and experience in Japan during the treatment.

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Don't be careless about chocking on bones

During the Spring Festival, when everyone is enjoying the delicious food, a young foreign client MSH CHINA was chocked on a chicken bone in the throat when having dinner with friends.

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The “Evil” Kidney Stone

The second medical opinion is an important value-added service of high-end health insurance.

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Health Care For You. Wherever. Whenever.

Health, a life-long treasure, may be neglected because of busy work and family responsibility. She is 45 year-old, mother of two children, serving as senior executive in a well-known foreign enterprise and having no disease history.

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A Breeze in the Sweltering Summer

With unbearable sweltering weather, Beijing is entering its hottest period on weekend.

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Precise Diagnosis “Defuses” Health Scare

It was one of the coldest winters that Beijing ever had at the beginning of January 2016 but the wonderful news from Beijing Friendship Hospital brought us a whiff of spring warmth to our hearts.

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Regaining the Smile of an Angel Baby

The birth of a baby is always an occasion of momentous joy and this is especially so for a foreign couple relocated overseas.

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Whenever Wherever - MSH Call Center at a glance

Sunrise for many perhaps only signifies the beginning of another day, but for our Call Center staffs, it carries a much deeper meaning.

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A Day at Work for a Hospital Representative

In 2007, MSH appointed its first hospital representative in China at Huashan Hospital to serve as the bridge between MSH and our clients.

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Case Management— The Angel is in the Details

He met an accident in China and suffered 3 fractures at the maxillofacial region.The doctor advised a CT scan on the brain first.

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The Twist in Travel, in a Lovely Place

Saga is a beautiful and unique place which attracts many tourists from all over the world. In such a lovely place, a group from MSH CHINA lovingly penned down some warm memories.

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Continuing on Takes Courage

Facing days in life without any answers yet continuing to live life, not give up, all the way until an answer finally appears takes a lot of courage!

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A love that crosses borders – Emergency rescue on a plane

On a plane heading from Beijing to San Francisco, everyone was exhausted from the long trip, and many people were already deep into their sleep. MSH CHINA’s medical director, George (people call him “Brother George”) and his daughter were also on this flight, enjoying the start of a wonderful vacation.

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When the system meets the warmth of MSH's service

In the middle of the night on January 18th, Lucy of the technical department took her child to the emergency room in a hospital in San Jia. When she went to make the payment, a man in front of her quickly took out a card and gave it to the cashier, speaking English. Lucy knew that card; it was an MSH CHINA insurance card! Seeing that this foreigner had apparently also a medical emergency, she proactively went to the counter to inquire.

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